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Why The Trump Network?

The Trump Network believes in honoring and rewarding its star Independent Marketers who share the mission and assist new marketers to learn and prosper.

The more people you sponsor, the more you can earn in The Trump Network. The program is designed to expand through team building - meaning Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM).

You may advance through The Trump Network's sales ranks to Platinum and Diamond award levels - with rewards and personal recognition each step up the ladder.

Promotions are based on sales performance. There is no limit to how fast and often you can promote yourself with The Trump Network. We recognize and reward hard work.

For example, our Car Awards Program allows you to qualify for a $700/month lease or purchase payment from The Trump Network for a new or pre-owned car with a value of at least $25,000. This payment qualification is calculated on your personal monthly group sales and paid to you monthly for qualifying performance. Full details are published in the membership kit.

The sky is the limit with The Trump Network.

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About The Trump Network

The Trump Network offers you the opportunity to take charge of your financial independence and to promote health and wellness products that can help change your life. There is no limit to your success, and it is all within your control.

The Trump Network is a rebranded network marketing version of Ideal Health which specializes in providing custom-tailored health solutions for people. Ideal Health has been in business since 1997 and will start by selling three of their products within the Trump Network: the PrivaTest, the healthy Silhouette set of meals, and the QuikStik drinks. The prospective market includes middle aged Americans - all of whom need vitamin and nutrient supplements to stay looking and feeling good, and the majority of whom need to lose weight. The Trump Network products follow extensive reviews performed by the National Institute of Health, the Institute of Medicine, and others. The Trump Network provides a completely new and customized solution for American health and wellness while also providing business owners an exciting opportunity to profit from this expanding industry.

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What Gives The Trump Network The Upper Hand

The company and products for The Trump Network presents a solid history that brings unprecedented credibility to the products and business of its distributors. Few companies launch a proven product with customer testimonials and a celebrity and big business name like Trump. Also, because of the nature of revolutionizing products, the timing is always great! While The Trump Network's products are not new by nature, the idea of taking a private test in-home to choose the most critical nutritional supplements for the customer-then having those nutritional supplements shipped to the customer's door-is brilliant and revolutionizing. This is not a product Americans should take-we need it! For merely $2 each day, Americans had better make the conscious effort to be healthy and well. In addition, many new products are scheduled for introduction in 4 month periods. The Trump Network offers a recognizable name brand with products that are truly competitive in the marketplace.

The Trump Network Has All The Ingredients For Success

The Trump Network and products are influential components to success in MLM. A strong company like the Trump Network will be successful in this market due to the success of its products. It also enables anybody to make money. It is not so difficult that only individuals with a Masters in Business can do it; the fact is anyone can achieve their goals in business when working under the proper formula. Many aspiring individuals will start businesses in Trump Network, and you have the opportunity to become a part at the earyl stages. Treat a business with the Trump Network as your own. Discover the formula that every successful MLM independent marketer is using. The Trump Network is distinguishing itself as a leader in the industry and delivers a great future to Americans and business owners alike.

The Network Trump is your key to success. Our team of highly motivated Trump Network marketers will assist you in your Trump Network startup and get you on the right track to become a successful member of our Trump Network team. © 2009
For more information, visit The Trump Network official site or Click Here to contact a Trump Netowrk Consultant by email.

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